Auto RiskRisk is a strategic 2D card battle game. This is an auto battler game where you must manage your fighters by strategically equipping different items and artifacts to assemble the strongest team possible in order to win the battle. Send them off to fight against AI opponents in single-player or against other human players online. By combining certain types of items, you can increase your strength or counter the opponents’ strategies. Collect money after each battle and use it to level up and buy new equipment for your fighters. You can also buy multiple of the same items to combine them into stronger versions. Each item belongs to two different sets. If you collect multiples of the same set, you get additional set bonuses. Your fighters will automatically run out and fight for you with the equipment you have assigned to them. The loser of the battle will lose health, and if you go down to 0 health, you are out of the game. The last player standing is the winner!