Cover Orange: Space is a puzzle platform game where you must stack objects to cover our orange friends and protect from the impending acid rain – in space! Our citrusy hero is back for more action, but this time we’re in outer space because the toxic gas cloud has followed us when we were shot into space by accident! All you have to do is drag various objects at your disposal and drop them in a way that forms a shelter over the oranges. The menacing cloud will soon pass by. Make sure to grab the hidden star when this happens, and make sure not to get hit by falling rain drops or environmental hazards like laser beams. There are 40 cleverly-designed levels with puzzles that will make you scratch your head. Share Cover Orange: Space with family and friends, so you can solve these entertaining space-themed puzzles together!

How do you play Cover Orange: Space?

Throughout each level, you must place down stage elements to alter the environment and protect oranges from the acid rain of an evil cloud. These stage elements may vary in any way, from a triangular block to spiked balls that destroy ice to the oranges themselves. Use your finger, mouse or keyboard to position the various objects at your disposal, and drop them in a way that forms a shelter over the oranges.

Move chest – WASD, Arrow keys or the pointer

Drop chest – Space bar

Who created Cover Orange: Space?

Cover Orange: Space was created by Johnny-K. Play their other puzzle platform games on Poki: Cover Orange and Cover Orange: Journey

Can I play Cover Orange: Space online on my phone, tablet or mobile device?

You can play Cover Orange: Space online without downloading or installing for free using your desktop and mobile devices on Poki.