Hired Force is a battle strategy game where you must defeat your opponent. In a small country where diamonds are mined, a military conflict has erupted, with various political forces vying for power. Mercenaries from around the world are joining the fray. You lead a squad of mercenaries, battling other players in dynamic PvP arenas. By winning these intense battles, you will earn a rating and climb the path to glory! Assemble a squad and a deck from the Hero and Ability cards available in the collection. At the beginning of the round, choose a hero from your squad. In battle, move your hero by clicking on the points behind the shelters to get significantly less damage. Your hero will attack the enemy automatically. Use the accumulated energy to use abilities to influence the battle’s outcome. The round lasts until one of the heroes dies. To win the match, you need to win two rounds, and then you’ll get a rating and a crate. You will only lose your rating if you’re defeated. The higher your rating, the greater your rewards for winning matches. Open the crates, explore the cache, and advance along the Mercenary’s Path to get new cards to upgrade your collection.