Impossible Mega Ramp Car Stunt is a driving game where you’ll get speed, drama, awesome cars, and much more in these addictive mobile racing games. Get a perfect landing on the floor by landing both wheels at the same time in impossible GT car stunt games. While in the air, hold the left or right button to rotate your vehicle. Press up before jumping to get an extra boost in crazy car stunts mega ramp games. Each car has its own set of tasks to complete the ramp car racing games. Unlock cars and choose the best one for your racing style. The main tracks are designed for casual play, but the bonus tracks offer more extreme challenges and have high risks but also high rewards. Levels include hard trials levels, easy speed levels, and casual and fun jump ramp levels. Customize your cars based on your preferences with cool paint jobs, engines, tires, and more. The car selection includes classic and modern muscle car types, sports cars, off-road vehicles, and other legendary car models in impossible GT car stunt games. Get ready and show your cool stunt performances!