The Final Earth 2 is a simulation game where you have to build a civilization in space. You start out with a small group of man and women and you have to mine stone, chop wood and build houses. From there on, you start to develop schools and workshops to improve the skills of your civilization. If you continue to upgrade your civilization, you gain the ability to travel to different worlds in the universe! Transport your people to other parts of the planet, and keep growing. Make sure to offer your people some fun activities like parks or bars. The happier they are, the harder they are willing to work, the more resources you gain, the bigger you can grow. Press the smile button on the bottom of your screen to see how your people are doing, and what you should improve. The game also features a great soundtrack. The game starts with a good tutorial on how it should be played and slowly but surely guides you through expanding your universe. Of course your civilization gets saved, so next time you come back at Poki you can start where you left off. Can you build the greatest civilization in The Final Earth 2?

About the creator:

The Final Earth 2 was created by Florian van Strien. He is a Dutch creator and he also made CircloO and CircloO 2 which are also available on Poki.