Browser (desktop-only), App Store(Android)

Iron Bastion: Tower Defense is a casual tower defense game where you must defend the city from zombie attacks. The industrial city has fallen victim to a deadly virus, transforming its residents into gruesome zombies. As the commander of the defense forces, your mission is to protect the city from being completely overrun. Strategically deploy your defensive towers and battle waves of increasingly stronger and smarter zombies. Continuously upgrade and modify your structures to keep up with the threat.

Utilize a variety of towers to combat different zombie types, from slow and resilient tank zombies to fast and agile high-speed zombies. Sharpen your tactical skills to survive and defend the industrial city.


  • Engaging tower defense gameplay.
  • 4 types of defensive towers for strategic placement.
  • 10 types of zombies with unique characteristics.
  • 20 challenging levels.
  • Upgrade and modify towers for enhanced defense.

Release Date

  • April 2024 (Android)
  • May 2024 (HTML5)


Last Updated

Jun 21, 2024


  • Use the mouse to play the game.