100% Golf is a sports game that puts a new spin on the classic golf experience by replacing scores with percentages. You start every level with 100% power, and each move decreases this number corresponding to the power of your shots. Your aim is to pass every level with as much leftover power as possible, because hitting 0% results in losing the round. There are a total of 27 holes to practice on, and an Endless Mode to maximize the fun once you’ve finished the main campaign. 100% Golf is the golf game you’ve been waiting for, one hundred par-cent guaranteed!

How to play:

Hold down the left mouse button (or your finger) and aim for the hole before letting go.

About the creator:

100% Golf is created by Alexander Johansson, a game developer based in the United Kingdom. He is the creator behind the unique platformer narcissus. You should give it a play on Poki!