Bloons TD is a classic tower defense game where you build an army of monkeys and machines to pop an invasion of balloons. You have 5 different units at your disposal:

  • Dart Monkey: Cute but dangerous, this monkey will throw darts at any Bloon that comes in sight!
  • Tag Tower: A Bloon-popping machine! This tower shoots out tags in a circle at a constant rate.
  • Ice Tower: Freezes nearby Bloons in place, making them easier to pop!
  • Bomb Tower: This tower can bombard a large area, taking out all Bloons in the area!
  • Super Monkey: The ultimate unit. This monkey is faster and stronger than all other units. Its constant barrage of darts will make sure no Bloon gets past.

Can you pop all the Bloons before they escape?

How to play Bloons TD?

  • Use the mouse to pick and place your units!

Who created Bloons TD?

Bloons TD is created by Ninja Kiwi.

How can I play Bloons TD for free?

You can play Bloons TD for free on Poki.

Can I play Bloons TD on mobile devices and desktop?

Bloons TD can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.