Blumgi Rocket is a platform game where you drive a rocket-fast car in colorful levels filled with obstacles. Go up hills, down slopes, through tunnels, mountains, and more in absolute full speed! Experience the thrill of the cool slow motion animation as you fire your rockets. The longer you hold down the rocket button, the more powerfully you will be propelled. When you’re mid-air, perform stunts to finish the level quicker and impress your fans. Unlock new vehicle skins by progressing through the game and finishing every level. How quickly can you finish Blumgi Rocket and master this game?

How do you play Blumgi Rocket?

Main Controls

Drive – W/S or Up/Down arrow keys

Rocket – Space bar

Alternative Controls

Drive – A

Rocket – D

Who created Blumgi Rocket?

Blumgi Rocket was created by Blumgi. This is their first game on Poki!

Can I play Blumgi Rocket on my phone, tablet or mobile device?

You can play Blumgi Rocket without downloading or installing for free using your desktop and mobile devices on Poki.

Does Blumgi Rocket have customization and skins?

Yes. You can unlock new skins and colorful new vehicles in Blumgi Rocket.