Cat Loves Cake 2 is a skill/platform game made by DoubleDutch Games. You play as a bouncy cat character and you have to bounce your way through the leve to reach the delicious cake ! Beware of the spikes and traps on the way ! Unlock more and more playable animals as you complete levels. If you fail a couple times, the level will show you the perfect route to take. Can you finish all levels and unlock all playable characters?

How to play Cats Love Cake 2:

Controls are displayed in-game

Move – Left and Right arrow keys

Is there new characters to unlock in Cats Love Cake 2?

There are a ton of unique Cats Love Cake 2 characters in the game to unlock. They are all designed after animals.

Who created Cats Love Cake 2?

Cats Love Cake 2 was created by DoubleDutch Games. Cats Love Cake 2 is the sequel of the famous Cats Love Cake !

Can I play Cats Love Cake 2 for free?

Cats Love Cake 2 is free to play on Poki.

Can I play Cats Love Cake 2 on mobile and desktop?

Cats Love Cake 2 is playable on both your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.