Cozy Room Design is a cute decoration game that offers you a delightful chance to design your dream room! From choosing furniture and carpets to wallpaper and windows, you have the freedom to design the layout as you desire. Arrange items, rotate them to fit perfectly, and select colors that suit your taste! If you want to make your room more lively, you can add many cute cats and dogs to your bed, desk, floor, or wherever you like! Once satisfied with your design, simply tap the left button to save your creation. Let’s start decorating our dream rooms and sharing them with friends!

How to play Cozy Room Design?

To manage items/colors, simply click or tap to equip or unequip them. Drag the items to the desired location. Use the rotate button to adjust their position. To remove an item, use the delete button. Save your creation by tapping the save button.

Who created Cozy Room Design?

Cozy Room Design is created by ARF Games. They have other amazing games on Poki: Kawaii Dress-Up, Fairy Dress-Up, Dungeons & Dress-Ups, Bearsus, and Stick Fighter

How can I play Cozy Room Design for free?

You can play Cozy Room Design for free on Poki.

Can I play Cozy Room Design on mobile devices and desktop?

Cozy Room Design can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.