Extreme Offroad Car 3 Cargo summary

It’s time to head off-road as you drive various off-road vehicles across various challenging and technical landscapes, all of which have unique challenges.

The pressure is on, as the highly deadly cargo is just waiting to explode, so you’ll have to treat it with absolute care to the destination.

Be careful – one wrong move can prove fatal!

It’s not just the steep hills and tricky terrain you’ll need to navigate along the way, either, as various obstacles are looking to keep the intensity levels of this driving game to the max.

Make sure you use the mouse to control the camera in tricky situations manually and remember that each item you lose along the way will reduce your chances of achieving the maximum score.

How to play Extreme Offroad Car 3 Cargo

Use the following keyboard keys:

  • Up arrow – Accelerate
  • Down arrow – Brake
  • Left arrow – Turn left
  • Right arrow – Turn right
  • Move mouse – Free Camera

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