Flip Runner is a parkour game where you can make parkour runs over the tops of buildings. Flip your way from top to top by doing front flips or backflips and complete all 39 levels to be the ultimate boss parkour runner. Earn some cash to unlock new characters, or train your current character to become the best Flip Runner!

How to play:

In Flip Runner you are a parkour runner. You are standing on the edge of buildings. First you’ll have to aim where you want to jump. When the arrow is in the desired position, click.
Whilst in mid-air, press and hold your left mouse-button to spin until your feet are pointing towards the floor and then release the mouse-button again.

About the creator:

Flip Runner was created by Motionvolt Games. They have also created the immensely popular Flip Master and Flip Diver back in the days. Lately they have also released Backflipper.