Flying Car Extreme Simulator summary

This driving game has a slight twist – you’re able to choose between driving or flying!

While the fuel gauge is trickling down, you’ll need to carry out various missions by picking people up and dropping them off at their desired locations on the map.

Whether you want to drift your way through the city or head to the skies, the choice is yours, but make sure you head to your destination as quickly as possible.

Use the minimap to your advantage, and learn to master the art of both flying and driving to unleash your full potential.

Once you’ve earned cash from your missions, you’ll be able to buy a selection of awesome cars to build the perfect garage.

How to play Flying Car Extreme Simulator

Use the following keyboard keys:

  • W/Up arrow – Accelerate
  • S/Down arrow – Brake
  • A/Left arrow – Turn left
  • D/Right arrow – Turn right

Flying Car Extreme Simulator gameplay walkthrough

If you are a visual learner then you will appreciate this gameplay walkthrough video of Flying Car Extreme Simulator:

Flying Car Extreme Simulator FAQ

What is the best car in Flying Car Extreme Simulator?

The car based on the Mercedez-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 is the ultimate vehicle in the game, with a price tag of 1400 $ of in-game currency.

How do I activate wings in Flying Car Extreme Simulator?

You can activate/deactivate the wings on your car by pressing the button on the right hand side of the in-game screen.

How do I fly in Flying Car Extreme Simulator?

By pressing the ‘F’ key, you can launch your car into the sky, or press the ‘F’ key again to immediately stop flying.

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