Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2 is the scary point-and-click sequel of The Wardrobe, developed by FM Studio. Just in time for Halloween, you continue your journey. After purchasing a beautiful wardrobe and finding a golden key while fishing, things start to change. One day, the house feels empty and you find out that your daughters are missing… Explore the house and look for any clues you can find! They might lead you to your daughters… Are you ready for this new Halloween adventure that will send shivers down your spine?

How to play Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2?

Click on the items of interest to pick them up and store them in your inventory. From there you can click on them and use them on other items or doors in the game. Stuck? Try the ? icon to see if you can get a hint! 

Who created Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2?

Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2 is created by FM Studio. They have other great horror games on Poki such as Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe, Forgotten Hill Disillusion: The Library, Little Cabin in the Woods, Forgotten Hill Memento: Buried Things, Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond, Forgotten Hill Memento: Playground, Forgotten Hill: Fall, Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer and Forgotten Hill: Surgery. Don’t forget to play Pixel Volley as well!