Funny Shooter 2 is a 3D FPS (first person shooter) game where you shoot creepy and funny-looking enemies using a wide variety of weapons in your arsenal. The enemies will spawn in phases and almost every level introduces something new and exciting whether it’s a new enemy, a boss, upgrades, or weapons. You have access to all kinds crazy guns, rifles, RPGs, grenade launchers, pistols, bazookas, snipers, shotguns, and even skins to customize them! Make sure to complete the achievements and challenges to earn some extra coins to help facilitate your progression. Don’t forget to upgrade your skills such as health, coin magnet, and grenade impact. Play Funny Shooter 2 now and show us that you can defeat every boss in the game!

How to play Funny Shooter 2?

  • Move – WASD

  • Pause – Tab

  • Shift – Run

  • Reload – R

  • Throw grenade – G

  • Switch Weapons – Numeric keys 1 to 7

  • Quick switch – Mouse wheel

  • Shoot – Left mouse button

  • Aim – Right mouse button

Who created Funny Shooter 2?

Funny Shooter 2 is created by GoGoMan. Play their other action games on Poki: Huggy Wuggy Shooter, Neon Flytron: Cyberpunk Racer

Can I play Funny Shooter 2 for free?

Funny Shooter 2 is free to play on Poki.

Can I play Funny Shooter 2 on mobile and desktop?

Funny Shooter 2 is playable on your computer.