Grab the Apple is a skill game where you extend your elastic arms to collect all the apples on the level without touching obstacles and bombs. You want apples and you want them now. Use your keyboard keys or your mouse to extend your elongated arm and control its direction. Don’t touch anything that is not an apple unless you think it’s a hidden secret way that will open the way for an apple. If you accidentally touch an obstacle, your hand will recoil and go back to its original place so you have to start over again. Don’t forget to share Grab the Apple with your friends so you can compare your scores!

How to play Grab the Apple?

Move arm – WASD, arrow keys, or mouse cursor

Menu – M

Restart – R

Who created Grab the Apple?

Grab the Apple is created by Korigame. Play their other skill games on Poki: Climb Fling and kORi WALk

How can I play Grab the Apple for free?

You can play Grab the Apple for free on Poki.

Can I play Grab the Apple on mobile devices and desktop?

Grab the Apple can be played on your computer.