Grandma’s Delicious Cakes is a scary point and click game developed by FM Studio. It is a brand new exciting chapter in the Forgotten Hill series. This time the story involves an old woman who bakes delicious cakes. What could go wrong? Use your skills to solve every puzzle. Got stuck? Use the hint feature to progress further in the story. Can you solve the puzzles in Grandma’s Delicious Cakes?

How to play:

Click on the items of interest to pick them up and store them in your inventory. From there you can click on them and use them on other items or doors in the game.

About the creator:

Grandma’s Delicious Cakes is created by FM Studio. They have other games on Poki: Pixel Volley, Forgotten Hill: Fall, Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer, Forgotten Hill Memento: Buried Things, Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond, Forgotten Hill Memento: Playground, Forgotten Hill: Surgery, Little Cabin in the Woods and Forgotten Hill Disillusion: The Library.