Set out for adventure with Jacksmith and his young apprentice Scout! Princess Liliana has been captured by the evil wizard Dudley, and its up to Jacksmith to save her! However, Jacksmith is not a great fighter… So instead, he’s going to make to best weapons possible and give them to people who can fight for him!

In Jacksmith, you craft weapons for the warriors that come to your shop. You can make swords, bows, axes and many, many more weapons. It’s up to you to pick what material to make the weapons out of and what parts to use. At the end of the day the warriors will try out your weapons on the nearby monsters. With each victory, you get closer to saving the princess and completing your quest!

Can you become the best blacksmith in the land and save the princess?

How to play Jacksmith?

  • Use the mouse to build your weapons!

Who created Jacksmith

Jacksmith is created by Flipline Studios. Play their other games on Poki: Papa’s Burgeria, Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Pizzeria and Papa’s Pancakeria

How can I play Jacksmith for free?

You can play Jacksmith for free on Poki.

Can I play Jacksmith on mobile devices and desktop?

Jacksmith can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.