Joyrider is a sports game created by Show off your riding and stunt skills on your fancy bike across canyons, forests, and even outer space! Blaze through various levels filled with simple or deceptive obstacles that you have to avoid. Show that you’re a pro by doing flips, backflips, or any other cool move you can think of. Then complete your swag by unlocking colorful new headpieces, costumes, and motorcycles. To maximize your success, pay attention to the tasks such as completing a level without crashing once. If you’re stuck in a level, you can use the skip button that appears at the top after crashing several times. Go ahead and give Joyrider a try!

How to play:

Maintain your bike’s balance by pressing the steering keys at the right time. Make sure not to crash or hit your head!

Accelerate – W or Up

Steer – A/D or Left/Right

Back – S or Down

Dismount – T

Restart – R

About the creator:

Joyrider is created by Play their other amazing skill game on Poki: Supernova