Midnight Drive is a 3D car game that lets you drive around a vibrant city during nighttime, collect diamonds, pull off stunts, and race against time. Satisfy your need for speed by accelerating about this gorgeous metropolis! Select a starting car first, pick a color, and step on the gas. Collect gems to spend them on better cars and customization options. With better cars, you can do better stunts and perform more agile manoeuvres in the loops. Find the pink highlight to start a race, so you can show everyone how good you are at driving under pressure. Are you ready to unlock every car in Midnight Drive and turn all these neon lights into a blur?

How to play Midnight Drive?

Who created Midnight Drive?

Midnight Drive is created by Avix Games. They have many other fun games on Poki: Beecoins Inc, Thumb Fighter, Thumb Fighter Halloween, Thumb Fighter Christmas, Jigsaw Photo Puzzle: Summer, Photo Puzzle: Jigsaw Edition, Photo Puzzle: Swap Edition, Photo Puzzle: Slide Edition, Turn Right and Twice!

How can I play Midnight Drive for free?

You can play Midnight Drive for free on Poki.

Can I play Midnight Drive on mobile devices and desktop?

Midnight Drive can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.