MiniBattles is a multiplayer game where you and your friends can challenge each other in up to 30 mini-games. You will never get bored playing MiniBattles as each game is different and offers unique gameplay. There are sports, flying, boxing, shooting, battle games and many more! And the best part is: You can play all these games using only one button. Go ahead and play MiniBattles with your friends and show them who the winner is!

How to play:

Tap the corresponding button on the corners of the screen or use the keyboard button assigned to you.
Action (Player 1) – C
Action (Player 2) – N
Action (Player 3) – Q
Action (Player 4) – P
Action (Player 5) – Left Arrow Key
Action (Player 6) – Right Arrow Key

About the creator:

MiniBattles is created by Shared Dreams Studio. Check out their other games 12 MiniBattles and MiniMissions on Poki!