Moto Road Rash 3D

Prepare for the adrenaline-fuelled sprint to the finish as you skim past the innocent commuters as you desperately avoid a deadly crash in Moto Road Rash 3D.

As you head to the main menu, make sure you head straight to Settings and set the quality to ‘High’ to enjoy this game to its full potential!

It’s also worth taking a look in the Bike Shop to figure out how much cash you’re going to need to unlock your dream bike.

There’s certainly no shortage of selection to choose from in this simulator, and with the stunning graphics making them look even more impressive, you’re sure to find your dream ride!

To begin with, you’ll have to settle with the CBN 1000R, but let’s head out on the open and get earning some much-needed cash to either upgrade or replace your bike.

You’re going to get greeted with four game modes – Career, Endless, Time Trial and Free Ride, so choose the Mode that suits you best, we recommend Career.

In Career mode, you’ll see a vast city with various levels to unlock as you prove yourself on your journey.

As you get behind the handlebars, the pressure is on as the countdown clock begins in a race to the finish line!

Use the Arrow keys to direct your bike, perhaps don’t go too fast to begin with and get to grips with the controls.

Once you’re familiar with them, let rip and earn bonus time add-ons for wild and crazy riding such as near-misses and speeding over 100km/h!

Just be careful not to crash, or it’ll end in a bloodbath and you’ll have wasted valuable time on the clock.

Overall, this is a fantastic simulator game, which we highly recommend!

How to play Moto Road Rash 3D

Use the following keyboard keys:

  • Up arrow – Accelerate
  • Down arrow – Brake
  • Left arrow – Turn left
  • Right arrow – Turn right

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