Nonogram is a puzzle game where you fill the grid of squares with color in order to reveal a hidden image. Each puzzle features an image with various hidden squares. Check the numbers above and to the left of the grid, as they give you a hint on how many squares you must fill, and how many you need to leave empty by placing an “X”. For example, if a column shows the number 5, then it means you must fill five squares on that specific column. Make sure not to guess though. It’s always better to determine it by logic and filling out neighboring squares. You can use a hint if you get stuck, and even recover a life if you’ve made too many mistakes. Go ahead and jump into the most visually satisfying crossword you’ll play this year!

How to play Nonogram?

Fill the squares with color while making sure to pay attention to the order of the numbers displayed. If it shows

Fill squares – Tap or Left mouse button

Who created Nonogram?

Nonogram was created by WeDoYouPlay. They have other puzzle games on Poki: Sugar Eyes and Words Emoji

Can I play Nonogram on mobile and desktop?

Nonogram is playable both on your desktop and on your mobile phone for free on Poki.