Have you wanted to be a ninja with both a parachute and kite attached to you so you can fly around? Look no further than Parakite Ninja! Take control of a ninja traversing difficult terrain that would be otherwise impossible for a ninja to cross if it wasn’t for your trusty parakite! There are tons of obstacles in each level to avoid but also some little treats, see if you can find your friend who is waiting patiently for you to give you some cool items! The goal is to collect the bunch of bananas in each level and master using the parakite!

How to play Parakite Ninja?

  • Move right: D or right arrow
  • Move left: A or left arrow
  • Move upwards: W or up arrow

Who created Parakite Ninja?

Parakite Ninja is created by FM Studio. Play their other arcade game Shoot’n’Shout Turbo! They have great horror games on Poki such as Forgotten Hill Disillusion: Flora&Fauna, Rise of Pico, Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2, Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe, Forgotten Hill Disillusion: The Library, Little Cabin in the Woods, Forgotten Hill Memento: Buried Things, Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond, Forgotten Hill Memento: Playground, Forgotten Hill: Fall, Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer and Forgotten Hill: Surgery

How can I play Parakite Ninja for free?

You can play Parakite Ninja for free on Poki.

Can I play Parakite Ninja on mobile devices and desktop?

Parakite Ninja can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.