Sharkosaurus Rampage is an action platform game where you’re a powerful lab experiment on the run. Some mad people are cloning killer monsters in their secret underground laboratory. Their latest experiment is a freaky monster made by mixing DNA from a shark and a dinosaur. And you are that monster! So use your strong jaws to break your cage and go on a rampage! Attack the security guards and the lab staff working for the evil corporation, and destroy all of their equipment such as armored vehicles, military cars, jet-pack dudes, tanks, helicopters, quad bikes, monster trucks, jet planes, and even a huge dragon monster. You can also eat ammo-boxes to be equipped with a super laser gun. Do you have the guts, the claws, and the jaws to escape the facility?

How to play Sharkosaurus Rampage?

Move – WASD or Arrow keys

Bite/Shoot – Left mouse button

Pause – ESC

Who created Sharkosaurus Rampage?

Sharkosaurus Rampage is created by Damp Gnat Games. This is their first game on Poki!

How can I play Sharkosaurus Rampage for free?

You can play Sharkosaurus Rampage for free on Poki.

Can I play Sharkosaurus Rampage on mobile devices and desktop?

Sharkosaurus Rampage can be played on your computer.