Yar-har-har you landlubbers! It’s time to set out for adventure and find incredible treasures with Shovel Pirate! In this adventure-platformer you will have to find all the gems are that are buried around the islands. Some of them are very well hidden, so keep your eyes open!
Besides gems, there’s more treasure to be found in the ground. Dig up turnips to eat and increase your health, or go looking for the collectibles! Each level has one special collectible to find. Find all the gems and beat all the levels and you will unlock the super secret ending! Can you find all the treasure, defeat all the enemies and become the richest pirate of the Seven Seas?

How to play Shovel Pirate?

  • Walk with A and D or the Left and Right arrow keys!
  • Jump with W!
  • Use your shovel with spacebar to attack or dig!

Who created Shovel Pirate?

Shovel Pirate was created by Neutronized. Play their other games on Poki: Dyna Boy, Slime Laboratory, Snow Tale and Double Panda!

How can I play Shovel Pirate for free?

You can play Shovel Pirate for free on Poki.

Can I play Shovel Pirate on mobile devices and desktop?

Shovel Pirate can be played on your computer and mobile devices

Can I play Shovel Pirate with my friend?

Yes! Shovel Pirate is a local multiplayer game so you can play with your friend at the same computer!