How often have you wanted to be a pilot in a fighter jet surrounded by desert so you can run wild? Well, now’s your chance! Sky Mad is a jet fighter simulation game where you control a jet and have to compete in either a race or a dogfight against enemies. You can swap between fighting and racing while in-game so if you are losing the race, you can always just take the winner down! There are tons of stages and lots of jets to unlock. Caan you become the untimate fighter pilot?

How to play Sky Mad?

There are two main controls schemes for playing on desktop:


  • W or up arrow: Fly down
  • A or left arrow: Fly left
  • S or down arrow: Fly up
  • D or right arrow: Fly right


Click once on the side of the jet you want to turn. Clicking multiple times will make you turn that direction more sharply!

To shoot enemies, keep them within your field of view and once the square turns red around them, you will automatically fire at them! Don’t forget that pressing spacebar will change the mode from race to attack!

Who created Sky Mad?

Sky Mad is created by Radical Play. Play their other games on Poki: Soccer Skills World Cup, Soccer Skills Euro Cup and Soccer Skills Champions League!

How can I play Sky Mad for free?

You can play Sky Mad for free on Poki.

Can I play Sky Mad on mobile devices and desktop?

Sky Mad can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.