Speed Racing Pro 2 summary

Speed Racing Pro 2 is brought to you by the creators of Madalin Cars, which is one of the most popular racing games in the Drifted arcade.

As you can probably guess, this means that this game features some of the most stunning graphics and physics in our arcade, so be prepared to get hooked on this classic racer!

This time, you’ll be able to choose from the following race modes:

Time Attack – Race against the clock as you desperately shave milliseconds off your lap times to boast about with your friends.

Race – There’s no doubt that this is the most popular game mode. This is the traditional race format that allows you to set the skill of your opponents, the number of competitors, and the number of laps you wish you fight in.

Elimination – This is undoubtedly one for keeping the blood pressure topped up! One small mistake can be all it takes before your rivals speed off and leave you in their dust. If you finish the lap in the last place, then unlike the race mode, there’s no chance for you to catch up, and it’s time for an early bath!

Once you’ve unleashed the raw power of your supercar, you’ll want to be careful, as those tight corners creep up on you quickly at 200mph! If you need a helping hand with slowing the car down, we recommend using both the brake (down) key and the space bar at the same time.

Good luck, and drive safely!

How to play Game title

Use the following keyboard keys:

  • Up/W – Accelerate
  • Down/S – Brake
  • Left/A – Turn left
  • Right/D – Turn right
  • Space – Handbrake

Speed Racing Pro 2 gameplay walkthrough

If you are a visual learner, you will enjoy this gameplay walkthrough of Speed Racing Pro 2:

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