Stickman Escape is a puzzle platform game where you control two stickman friends trying to escape the facility that they are confined in. All you have to do is control the blue person and collect the blue key, and take over the red person and grab the red key. Simple, right? Well, it’s harder than you think. There are security guards, cameras, drones, lasers, vats of acid you can fall into, and much more. There are also other prisoners that you can rescue and unlock the costumes of. In fact, you can unlock a multitude of skins and accessories to keep the game fresh. Don’t forget to visit the Lucky Wheel to earn some free cash while you’re at it. We know you have the skill it takes to escape. Go!

How to play Stickman Escape?

Move – WASD or Arrow keys

Interact/Use – G

Switch character – F

Zoom out – Z

Pause – ESC

Who created Stickman Escape?

Stickman Escape was created by PEGASUS. Play their other game on Poki: Stickman Go!

How can I play Stickman Escape for free?

You can play Stickman Escape for free on Poki.

Can I play Stickman Escape on mobile devices and desktop?

Stickman Escape can be played on your computer.