Street Racer Underground summary

Featuring fantastic graphics, an impressive selection of cars, and a massive selection of mods, Street Racer Underground will be a top pick for the tuning enthusiasts out there that want a customizable driving game.

With Endless and Race modes, there’s no shortage of things to do to boost your in-game cash, allowing you to buy the most impressive upgrades for your ride.

You’ll be rewarded with nitro boosts for near-misses, but make sure you don’t crash into the traffic, or you’ll lose momentum in the race to the finish.

When using nitro, make close overtakes to extend its duration, and also remember that you’ll gain additional bonus cash at the end of each race for overtakes using nitro.

With various gaming modes, alongside an extensive range of upgrades, and even some exciting police chases, Street Racer Underground provides the perfect entertainment.

Remember to pull off the most impressive and speedy driving antics to collect the most significant rewards.

How to play Street Racer Underground

Use the following keyboard keys:

  • Left arrow – Turn left
  • Right arrow – Turn right
  • Left-click on NOS bottle – Nitro

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