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Top Speed Racing 3D

Although there’s plenty of free-roam games out there to enjoy, it’s the task and challenges within this game that make it stand out from the rest.

Whether you’re looking to take on a high-speed challenge or looking to prove your skills when it comes to navigating through the tight and twisty city roads, this game has it all.

With four game modes, you’ll have the choice of ‘Free Mode,’ ‘Traffic Mode,’ ‘Police Chase Mode,’ and ‘Stunt Mode.’

In Free Mode, you can hit up the various markers in the city before beginning the challenge that you think sounds most appealing.

Not only does Top Speed Racing 3D provide incredible visuals, combined with excellent physics and impressively realistic damage, but the tuning capabilities within the game are also insanely comprehensive.

Whether you’re looking to customize the look of your ride, right the way down to the rims, window tint, stance, LED’s and various colors, vinyl, and even metal plating, this has it all.

When it comes to upgrades, there’s no shortage there, either. You can choose to upgrade your engine, turbo, tires, transmission, suspension, and nitro.

From some of the most impressive JDM drift cars, there is something for everyone to choose from right the way through to supercars, hot rods, and trucks.

We’ve already spent hours enjoying this game, and we’ve got no doubt that you will, too!

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How to play Top Speed Racing 3D

Use the following keyboard keys:

  • W/Up arrow – Accelerate
  • S/Down arrow – Brake
  • A/Left arrow – Turn left
  • D/Right arrow – Turn right
  • Space – eBrake
  • Shift – Nitro

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