Tower Crush is a tower defense game created by Impossible Apps. Build your tower with up to six floors, load them with weapons, upgrade, evolve and defeat your opponents in fantastic battles! Come up with your own battle strategy with eight unique classes (Warrior, Paladin, Undead, Orc, Viking, Wizard, Fire Elemental, Stone Golem) and ten insanely powerful weapon types (Machine Guns, Cannons, Flame Guns, Bomb Launchers, Shockwaves, Rocket Launchers, Lasers, Teslas, Ice Cannons, Mighty Plasma Cannons). With over 280 levels in the campaign mode and endless fun in the multiplayer mode, every match will feel like a different experience. Are you ready to crush your opponent’s tower? For honor and glory!

How to play:

Click or tap on one of your tower floors to select it, and click or tap one of the enemy floors to attack. Pay attention to the power-up icons when they appear near your tower to use power-ups like Shield, Healing, Thunderstorm, Ice, and more.

About the creator:

Tower Crush was created by Impossible Apps. This is their first game on Poki!