Viking Village is a strategy game where you’re in charge of building and defending your villages against nightly invasions. Collect resources, build armies, archer towers at strategic positions, and control melee Viking warriors directly to survive. You need to have your units attack enemy villages and destroy their village fire to win. You can capture powerful barbarians and dragons to add to your defense. There are many heroes and pets with unique abilities to choose from. You can even control deer directly if you need some extra attack power! How many days can you survive in Viking Village?

How to play Viking Village?

  • Tap on wooden stumps to create farms, trees or stone mines.
  • Tap on ‘Create Unit’ button, then tap on ‘Villager’ button to spawn a villager. Villagers will automatically start gathering resources from a free farm, tree or stone mine. Only 1 villager can work on a resource site.
  • Hero is selected by default – tap anywhere on the ground to move the hero. Hero’s pet will follow automatically.
  • Create warriors and archers by tapping on ‘Create Unit’ button.
  • Villagers, warriors and archers need houses – make more houses by tapping on ‘Build’ button
  • Defend the village fire at all costs – enemies will come every night to destroy it.
  • Amass an army and destroy the enemy village fire to win.

Who created Viking Village?

Viking Village is created by Limitless, a game development studio based in the United States. They have another game on Poki: Apple Knight! You can find both games on the App Store and Play Store!