Where’s My Pizza? is a 3D skill game where you work as an ordinary pizza delivery person in a charming town. You work at Paolo’s, and your job is to prepare, bake, and deliver yummy pizzas to your hungry customers all over town. Move through traffic in a careful manner in order to deliver the pizzas without dropping any, or worse, causing an accident. Hit the brakes gently when necessary to avoid obstacles and speed bumps. You also need to act fast in order to deliver the food while it’s still hot! The better the pizza and the service is, the more tips you will earn. And once your restaurant is making a name for itself, you can incrase your delivery distance and also purchase upgrades such as new ingredients, new appliances, trailer improvements, and more. You can even serve VIP customers, which requires you to prepare the pizza manually from scratch! Don’t forget to share Where’s My Pizza? with your friends and learn who is a better cook!

How to play Where’s My Pizza?

Drive – Hold down space bar or left mouse button

Who created Where’s My Pizza?

Where’s My Pizza? was created by Wix Games. Play their other legendary games on Poki: Duck Life, Duck Life 2, Duck Life 3, Duck Life 4, Duck Life Adventure (Demo), Duck Life: Battle, ducklife-space, Ant Art Tycoon, Word vs Word, Jumphobia, Jellymoji, and Let’s Roll

How can I play Where’s My Pizza? on PC?

You can play Where’s My Pizza? on your browser without installing or downloading for free on Poki.

Are there unlockables in Where’s My Pizza?

Yes, you can unlock many customization options and upgrades in Where’s My Pizza? such as new upgrades, appliances, and routes as you progress through the game.