ZOOM-BE is a cooperative game where you help two zombie friends escape an evil facility through obstacle filled levels. Use your BRAAIIIIINS and logic to solve all the puzzles, avoid getting caught and most importantly, never leave your friend behind. Some friendships last a lifetime, but some last longer.


Move – AD or Left/Right arrow keys
Jump – W or Up arrow key
Kick – S or Down arrow key

About the creator:

ZOOM-BE was created by 7Spot Games, a Lithuanian video game developer and publisher. Play their other entertaining games for free on Poki: Duo Vikings, Duo Vikings 2, Duo Vikings 3, Duo Survival, Duo Survival 2, Duo Survival 3, Truck Loader, Truck Loader 2, Truck Loader 3, Truck Loader 4, Truck Loader 5, ZOOM-BE 2, ZOOM-BE 3 and BoxRob